Massage Services

Customized massage session unique to your individual needs. Therapeutic and revitalizing elements will be used to enhance both your physical and mental well-being. Feel your tension melt away from your mind and muscles.

30 Minute Massage $40
60 Minute Massage $70
90 Minute Massage $100


90 Minute Lymphatic Massage $90
This massage session is a specialized approach that focuses on the lymphatic system, a part of the immune system. The lymphatic massage aims to help the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance and immune function.
60 Minute Prenatal Massage $85
Soothe your ever-changing body with a massage tailored to relieve back and neck discomfort and to ease headaches, fatigue and edema. This unique and specialized therapeutic massage will leave you and your body relaxed and rejuvenated. You may be asked to provide a release from your physician.
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage $85
This therapeutic massage session involves the placement of heated stones placed strategically on the body for the purpose of pain relief and relaxation. Relieves muscle tension, stress and anxiety and promotes better sleep.