Hair Treatment Offerings


CARE Conditioning Masque Treatment: The CARE hair masques from Keune are carefully constructed with effective scientific formulas, resulting in a nourishing treatment for your hair. After a consultation with your stylist, a customized masque will be selected, specifically targeting your hair’s needs. Rest and relax at the shampoo bowl while this nourishing product works its magic on your hair, leaving it super soft and easy to comb. Ask your stylist to find your perfect match. (10min) $25

Miracle Elixir Rejuvenating Treatment: For dry, damaged hair this treatment is the CARE Conditioning Masque Treatment on steroids. After a consultation with your stylist, they will choose the customized CARE masque that specifically targets your hair’s needs, then blend it with a highly sophisticated keratin formula elixir. While you rest and relax at the shampoo bowl this product will go to work to help reduce damage.Two consecutive treatments (two weeks apart) can reduce damage by up to 80%. (10-15min) $35

Brazilian Blowout B3 Demi Permanent Conditioning Treatment: Designed for extremely dry, color-treated and very damaged hair, this one-of-a-kind professional treatment utilizes bond-building technology and hydrating actives to delivers instant and long-lasting repair and conditioning for up to 12 washes. This breakthrough bond building technology penetrates the hair shaft and fuses amino acids to weakened and compromised fibers. (45-60min) $50

Leaf & Flower CBD 3-in-1 Molecular Mender: This luxurious treatment is an intense reparative + preventative service that instantly reconstructs damaged hair. It works by infusing anti-humectant properties into the hair and seals split ends. It is specifically formulated for use with the L&F CBD Corrective Complex Boost to help deliver immediate repair to dry, damaged hair. After the application of this product, enjoy some down time under heat as this complex combination of ingredients delivers long-lasting results for up to 10 washes. (60min) $65



Hard Water Wellness Remedy- What’s hiding in your water? Calcium, magnesium, copper, chlorine, iron – the list goes on! When horrendous hard water gives your hair a truly tough time, this treatment removes mineral buildup to reveal healthier, shinier, and more vibrant hair. Includes shampoo and blow-dry style. (45min) $35

Swimmers Wellness Remedy- Stringy, tangled, discolored swimmers’ hair? Ditch the damage and discoloration with this must-have tune-up tool for every swimmer. Removes chlorine, copper, and other pool elements to reveal shinier, healthier, more vibrant hair. Includes shampoo and blow-dry style. (45min) $35

Beautiful Blonde Wellness Remedy- This vegan must-have dramatically intensifies color brilliance for natural, bleached, and highlighted blondes. Takes blondes from ashy and brassy to bold and beautiful. Vitamin-packed remedy allows gentle removal of mineral buildup while boosting moisture. Win-win! Includes shampoo and blow-dry style. (45min) $35

Color Prepare Wellness Remedy- Exclusive, freshly activated vitamin complex draws out harmful minerals and elements that negatively affect color services. Helps ensure better coverage and expected results. Includes shampoo and blow-dry style. (45min) $35



Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment– Asked for by name and loved by stylists, celebrities and influencers worldwide, Brazilian Blowout transforms frizzy, damaged and unmanageable hair into smooth, healthy, easy-to-style strands for up to 12 weeks.  Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, this customizable smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine for up to 12 weeks! Prices vary based on hair length and density. (2-3 hours) $160-$210

Brazilian Blowout Express Looking for a quick fix that eliminates frizz and doesn’t take a lot of time or money? If yes, the Brazilian Blowout Express is the smoothing service for you! Utilizing intuitive smoothing technology + amphoteric cleansers, this smoothing system delivers 4 weeks of frizz-free, silky and manageable hair in 90 minutes or less. $75

Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction Preventative Treatment + Cutting Lotion- This is a dual action treatment that instantly repairs existing damage while dramatically reducing future damage. Utilizing a proprietary bio reparative complex, this advanced treatment rebuilds and fortifies weakened areas while a Thermo Marine Bonding System binds, and seals broken fibers together. This treatment serves as a preventative treatment to maintain length. It can be a stand-alone service or can be applied as a cutting lotion for the added benefit of  prolonged shape of your precision cut for up to 4 weeks. (45min) $40


Color Add-Ons

b3 Bond Builder- Every color client benefits from the use of b3. Because color services lift the cuticle layers, b3 reinforces and builds the bonds responsible for sealing those cuticle layers back together. You will see and feel remarkably healthier, stronger hair with every color service and longer lasting vibrant color with the addition of b3. Try it today! $25

Keune Ultimate Blonde After Blonde Treatment- After lifting, blonde hair needs special care. This nourishing and conditioning treatment contains integrated Bond Fuser technology and helps to protect the hair’s outer structure and produces healthy, soft hair with lasting conditioning. (5min) $25